Genovese Mobster Anthony Romanello Accused of Punching Restaurateur to Collect Gambling Debt

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Nagesh Rath
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An 86-year-old mobster is accused of shaking down Shuqeri 'Bruno' Selimaj and attacking him inside Lincoln Square Steak restaurant in Manhattan in 2017.

ppp-banner-gn-520x340.gif cameras spotted Romanello headed into Brooklyn Federal Court Wednesday with his wife wearing a blue windbreaker.  Also seen, Genovese crime family soldier Joseph Chelso. who is alleged to taken part of the assault.

According to the Post, Selimaj recalled on Wednesday: 'Rom kept saying, 'I'd like to punch you' … I said, 'You have no guts to punch me. A few seconds later, he punched me.'

Selimaj also testified that he then informed the two men that they had been recorded on his restaurant's security camera, with Romanello telling Regan: 'Let's get out of here.'

Romanello's lawyer Jerry McMahon told the court that Selimaj had insulted him, saying he was a 'washed up Italian' that 'had no balls' and 'was nothing'.

Hong Kong Man Falls 5 Floors in Effort to Avoid Paying Gambling Debt

A Hong Kong man suffered multiple injuries from a fall on Wednesday after he tried to escape captors who had allegedly held him over a HK$2 million (US$255,832) football gambling debt.

The 23-year-old man attempted to climb out of a fifth-floor industrial building window, but fell onto the first-floor podium.

Emergency personnel were called to Yue Fung Industrial Building on Chai Wan Kok Street in Tsuen Wan at around 5.30am, after police were alerted to the incident by a passer-by who discovered the injured man.

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