Florida Location Shares Office Space With Sling Manufacturer?

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Nagesh Rath
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With Hard Rock Bet now legal in Florida...for now...You no longer have to "bet in your head", as the catchy commercial tells us.


We await the Florida Supreme Court ruling on sports betting that could come any day now. 

West Flagler Associates, the group of betting companies that brought the lawsuit, filed its final brief earlier this month.

West Flagler is asking the Florida Supreme Court to rule that the current sports gambling compact with the Seminoles violates the state constitution.

Though voters were granted the right to have the final say in terms of any further gambling expansion in Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis lawyers say Amendment Three doesn't apply to this case because online sports gambling is not casino gambling.

West Flagler argues that voters have the sole power to "authorize casino gambling in the state through another constitutional amendment."

Critics accuse Governor DeSantis of circumventing the constitution.

West Flagler's argument has a shot when it comes to the mobile app, maybe less so in terms of offering sports betting at the Seminoles existing casinos.

It remains to see what impact, if any, a legal ruling will have on the two sportsbooks that currently operate in the state.

Two sportsbooks?

Dustin Gouker of Legal Sports Report drew attention to another online sportsbook claiming to be operating in the Sunshine

He noted back in 2022 that "claims to have a physical address in Florida: 8115 NW 74th AVE, Medley, Florida, 33166. It also appears to be advertising frequently on the radio in that state, per anecdotal accounts.

"MyBookie appears to share an address with a company called All Transport Inc."

Upon closer inspection, has found that the location is now occupied by none other than a sling manufacturer....sharing space with MyBookie.

Not sure what happened to All Transport Inc.

What we do know, as the Hard Rock Bet proclaims....Legal in Florida.

As one gambler tweeted in regard to the "No more betting in your head" Hard Rock Bet commercials, "I preferred it better betting in my head than taking this pounding."

Which brings us to's new slogan: "No more f***ing betting in your head."

Now you can do both....even upside down.






- Nagesh Rath,

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