Players Report Being Unable to Log Into Jazz Sportsbook, ABC Island Sunday Morning

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C Costigan
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Players on Sunday morning report they are unable to log into long established Jazz Sportsbook.  While some players have reached out to Gambling911 fearing the sportsbook had shut down, Jazz Sportsbook continues to update its Twitter account during the morning hours.  Per our internals, there was yet to be an influx of individuals seeking out information regarding this issue as of Sunday morning.  Update: As of 11:30 am ET customers now report they are able to access the site.


In recent weeks has received complaints from gamblers and vendors regarding slow and no pays. Sources close to Gambling911 have indicated the company is having financial issues.  

Jazz Sportsbook confirmed the slow pay situation back on March 9 affecting its player base as a whole.

"We are experiencing a high volume of withdrawals. Please rest assured that your withdrawals will be processed as quickly as possible. If you need more help, please email our Customer Service team at csd@jazzsports.age."

Following our reporting at the time, Jazz reached out to Gambling911 and offered an explanation regarding some of the player complaints.

"We would like to tackle a few of these," the Jazz Sportsbook spokesperson tells

"All players get paid every cent that’s in their account.

"As usual, there are payout limits in place for our customers.

"If a group is found to be in violation of rules, then we reduce the payout limits to discourage that behavior, but ALL players are getting paid.

"We have found we had a large group of customers (35+) that were all betting the exact same thing at the same time to avoid limit rules. We could have canceled the wagers but instead we chose to follow our payout limits.

"It’s important to make this clear that we are going ahead and respecting our terms with our regular customers as usual, but do intend to discourage behaviors mentioned previously."

Vegas Horse Pools has since responded.

"Jazz had a payout rule of $2500 twice a week, then they changed it to $1000 a week.  Now it is $1000 every two weeks.  How happy would you be if you had $100,000 in there and only bet NFL?"

Over its 30 year life span, Jazz has experienced financial woes from time to time and was able to rebound. The company no longer operates its land-based casinos.  It continues to operate both a post up and what many deem to be a more lucrative pay per head business (ABC Islands).  Jazz also operates Loose Lines Sports.

- Chris Costigan, Publisher

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