SkyCity Casino Brings Bingo into Its Safer Gambling Ecosystem

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SkyCity Casino is betting on a new range of bingo games. With bingo caught up in digitization of gambling since the early noughties, the game has enjoyed a resurgence. Gone are the days when bingo was played exclusively by those in retirement age. Countless studies and surveys show that the average age of bingo players has decreased significantly.

We know that remote gaming revenue in the UK between April 2020 and March 2021 was £6.9 billion. Bingo is listed among the games tracked within the metric. With further statistics showing that the average age of online gamblers is between 35 and 54, we can say with confidence that bingo is not only popular with the masses but with a younger audience than before.

Moving in Step with Industry Trends


SkyCity Online Casino and bingo  is a testament to this. The online gambling operator has long taken popular products and converted them into digital offerings. Casino games, including slots, blackjack, and roulette, got the ball rolling. From there, virtual sports betting games were added to the mix. Now, after reviewing the latest trends, bingo games, ranging from classic 90-ball to modern speed variants, will be available to desktop and mobile players. Perhaps the biggest benefit of making bingo available to online players is the ease with which safety controls can be implemented. The current trend permeating all areas of the online gambling industry in 2023 is safer gambling.

Changes to the UK’s Gambling Act have prompted new wave of responsible gambling measures and financial checks. US states implementing their own online gambling laws are also harnessing the latest innovations to ensure players are not only within permitted locations but playing responsibly. SkyCity Casino has a long-standing commitment to customer care. As per its responsible gaming policies, customers in New Zealand must be 20 or older to use the site, and all new accounts must be verified. Once customers are verified, there are tools for tracking financial transactions and, if necessary, set deposit limits.

Reality Checks to Raise Online Bingo Standards


Casino also allows customers to take breaks using timeouts or exclude themselves permanently from the app. The latest safety innovation available to customers is the reality check tool. This pop-up timer can be set for 15, 30, or 60-minute intervals and remains visible while a user is active. It’s easy to get caught up in a game, so the ability to track exactly how long you’ve been active is extremely useful. All of these features will be available to online bingo players who flock to SkyCity Online Casino.

That’s one of the reasons bingo, as a game, has enjoyed a renaissance over the last 20 years. Reputable online operators have not only made innovative variants available to customers, such as themed progressive jackpot games, they’re made them safer. Players have complete control of what they play, how much they wager, and how long they’re active for. This aligns with industry trends and the move towards higher standards across the board. SkyCity Casino adding bingo is a boon for customers wanting some fun but, more than that, it’s another opportunity to demonstrate the power of online gaming to create safer forms of entertainment.

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