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Aaron Goldstein
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Starting a Pay Per Head (PPH) sportsbook has never been easier with more than a dozen websites equipped to provide the tools and services, leaving little work to do on your end.


How It Works

The Pay Per Head platform features a customized website for your players to access and place bets.  All odds are calculated and moved by a professional skilled team of linesmakers.  These odds can be adjusted based on a specific player's profiling and/or regional preferences.  For example, if you happen to operate out of the Dallas area, most of your players will bet the Cowboys no matter what the line is.  It may be necessary to move that number a half point or more.   However, the best way to address this is to offer unique bet boosts and parlays as well as a host of live in-play options.

Additionally, the PPH platform features include around the clock customer service (both online and by telephone), daily report generation, website redundany hosted on a robust dedicated server, a wide range of betting tools (including a prop builder), a race book and even a live dealer online casino.  

A typical Pay Per Head offers discounts once you reach a certain number of players.  Bookies and agents will pay a nominal weekly fee that is several times less the cost of opening your own sportsbook from scratch.  The fee is per player and usually ranges anywhere from $5 to as high as $20 (as low as $3 per player per week at AcePerHead).  Established companies like currently offer one free week per month for life.

More Great Features

1. Lines

As noted above, agents should have the ability to create custom lines.  If your PPH service does not allow for this, move on.  AcePerHead does and advises us that transferring your players to their platform can take as little as under one hour.  

2. Betting Markets

The sports market has grown exponentially over the last couple of decades.  Consider that one of the most sought after odds at the website were for the Little League World Series.  This coming summer we have the Paris Olympics. 

From AcePerHead:

"When providing betting options, customers will want more than 4 major leagues in one part of the world. Consumers seek services that have expanded with the rest of the world, as sports have exploded all over the globe. The popularity of sports is at an all-time high, and sportsbook agents must take advantage of the potential betting options that exist. offers hundreds of leagues and numerous betting options, as their services include major and minor leagues of all levels, from all over the world. So if you are an agent looking to spend, is the bookie service for you. Versatility such as this will give any agent an edge in the gambling market, so take advantage of the service provided by, and your profits will increase."

3. Live In-Play Betting

Imagine the old school bookie attempting to post odds and take bets on every potential play during a bunch of games in varying leagues all taking place at the same time.  IMPOSSIBLE.

This type of wagering is now available courtesy of the Pay Per Head platform. 

4. Customer Service

Customers are the reason your service exists, so giving them quality service and support is vital so that your reputation is good. Then positive pay-per-head reviews will spread and attract even more attention to your business. offers great customer service, and most people might think they are just being nice until you pay them. They have both English and Spanish speaking reps. 

5. Security

Security is perhaps the most important feature.  You can have all of the above, but if your site crashes for an extended period of time - especially on Game Day - it's all lost. 

AcePerHead's digital security offers the very best DDoS defense systems available. Their service AI even filters out abnormal internet traffic from normal traffic, eliminating the threat of internet theft or hacked data systems. This is especially important to consider as an agent because you are responsible for your player’s personal account information.  Consider that MGM and Caesars were hit with a massive breach of customer data during the fall.  There are now advertisements for class action suits popping up all over the Net.

So not only will you lose customers over data breaches, they're liable to come after you in court should their personal info be leaked onto the dark web.

Remember, there are plenty of pretenders all over the Net, including those who promote themselves as "experts in the field of PPH technology".  AcePerHead has been a trusted partner for the better part of a decade now. 

- Aaron Goldstein,

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