Soccer Betting Software Available Just in Time for World Cup

Written by:
Aaron Goldstein
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The 2022 FIFA World Cup has kicked off and for sports bookies the world over this means an additional revenue stream that is not present three out of every four years.

Those three years provide an excellent opportunity for our friends at AcePerHead to perfect their soccer betting software as a way of keeping up with the ever evolving changes with technology.

AcePerHead claims that 40% of the world's population loves the game of soccer, follows it, and a good chunk of these folks likely bet on matches.

As a budding bookie, having good soccer betting software is essential for making money with clients globally.

In addition to offering lines and props on all of this year's World Cup matchups and most international soccer games outside the Cup, there are other great benefits to using AcePerHead's pay per head software.

Security features

Multi-factor authentication for both the agent and player ends of your site.  This is a critical feature in pretty much anything involving finances conducted over the Web.

Alerts and automatic troubleshooting when malware is detected.

Automated site updates are provided in order to keep the agent and bookie's business up and running without interruption.

Optimized load speeds and fewer error messages

Troubleshooting issues whenever they occur to prevent your site from going down

New applications/backend management technologies

The ability to either use a web template or custom-make your website.

A platform that gives you full control over your boards, players, lines, and limits.

Speedy and high-quality customer support for both you and your bettors.

Packages begin at $10 per head (depending on your player count and add-ons you require).

No hidden costs such as late fees/overage charges.

Build a Soccer Betting Brand

Your players will all receive a customized website with a unique branding that can be geared towards soccer betting if you so desire.

AcePerHead will work with you to design a custom site if none of their in-house templates appeal to you. This is a great way to create the online presence that you want and entice and ensnare customers.

Customer service is 24-7 full English speaking.  Clerks also are available for Spanish speaking customers.

Live odds are provided by the pros at AcePerHead.

There is an amazing multi-week trial prior to committing.  Once on board, you will pay a small weekly fee per player.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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