Gamblers Want Sportsbooks to Void Anthony Edwards Bets as Wife Delivers Baby During Game, He Exits

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Nagesh Rath
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Minnesota Timberwolves shooting guard Anthony Edwards left the game against the Sacramento Kings after his wife gave birth during the first half of the game.  His status was "left game due to personal reasons".  Now gamblers want their money back on any Edwards-related prop bets.


The Twitterverse Lights Up

"draftkings need to announce they’re voiding all anthony edwards bets."

"Such a scummy move not voiding Anthony Edwards’s bets tonight even tho he left at halftime to be there for the birth of his child."

"@DKSportsbook y’all better void Anthony Edwards bets, how the fuck is the public supposed to bet knowing his wife is going to go into labor at’s not an injury. I’m going to lose a $26 16pick parlay because he doesn’t get 20pts when he had 11pts at halftime…"

"Wow how does @DKSportsbook not void this bet since anthony edwards left at half time for personal reasons. Smh"

It wasn't immediately clear whether any sportsbook would follow suit and void bets involving Edwards.  FanDuel told one of its customers to refer to its rules while stating Edwards prop bets would be "graded accordingly".


Mom Jeanine Robel celebrated her baby shower in style days earlier while turning heads with stunning $171,600 Audi Q8 arrival, per news reports.

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