Mouth: 'Main Event is Just a Money Grab Now'

Written by:
Ace King
Published on:

Never one to be shy, Mike "The Mouth" Matusow lashed out at the World Series of Poker for permitting folks to sign up after half the field is already eliminated.


"A smart guy exploiting the absolute disgrace the @wsop has made a mockery of the main event by allowing people to sign up with 50bb when more then half field is out! #bravo #disgrace if he can double twice he gets to play 5 levels to cash! The main event isn’t a championship event anymore it’s a big money grab! Far cry from Jack Binions rake free main event to close out the Wsop! #WSOPMainEvent"

He continued: "I have so much respect for @JackEffel and Ty Stewart for the amazing job they do running the Wsop and as much as I despise all late reg and day 2 late reg in every tourney it is needed somewhat as players go from tourney to tourney but in the main event this isn’t the issue! If it’s a championship event there’s 4 day ones add 1 make it 5 everyone starts noon on the day they pick and everyone plays same amount of levels and days! #period #WSOPMainEvent"

Matusow drew a comparison between the WSOP Main Event and golf.

"Can you imagine its masters golf tourney and tiger woods gets to enter on weekend with half players out and gets auto even par to start weekend? Thats what reging with 60bb is with 6k players out is! #WSOPMainEvent."

He finished with this:

"When I final tabled in 2005 all 9 players made 1 m and 4 th was more than 3 m! That was 18 yrs ago! Maybe they should let people register another day so more money will go to the top?"

- Ace King,

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