Yamamoto Impact on Dodgers Odds Following Shock Signing: Not Too Earth Shattering

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The rich keep gettin’ richer.


Major League Baseball has a problem with salary cap and spends, but don’t tell that to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Our 24/7 staff has moved the Dodgers to better than 4/1 to take home another World Series crown following the signing of Yoshinobu Yamamoto Thursday night.

This comes on the heels of signing Shohei Ohtani, but, that said, we’re not looking at this like a Golden State Warriors adding Kevin Durant where the team moved to near-odds-on favorites to take home a title.

Because, as we know, anything can happen during the MLB Postseason (see 2023 where the Dodgers, Braves and Orioles lost). Still, this West Coast collective has put baseball back on the global map and every team on high alert.

Here’s how the odds moved at BetOnline.ag:

Yoshinobu Yamamoto Odds Impact:


Dodgers World Series: +400 to +375

Dodgers NL Pennant: +275 to +200

Dodgers AL West: -125 to -250


2024 NL West                                      

Los Angeles Dodgers                 -250                

Arizona Diamondbacks              +450                

San Diego Padres                      +650                

San Francisco Giants                 +800                

Colorado Rockies                      +10000            


2024 World Series                                           

Los Angeles Dodgers                 15/4                 (+375)

Atlanta Braves                          7/1                  

New York Yankees                     8/1                  

Houston Astros                         11/1                

Texas Rangers                           11/1                

Philadelphia Phillies                  12/1                

Toronto Blue Jays                      14/1                

Baltimore Orioles                      16/1                

Minnesota Twins                       25/1                

Seattle Mariners                       25/1                

Tampa Bay Rays                        25/1                

New York Mets                         28/1                

Arizona Diamondbacks              33/1                

Chicago Cubs                            33/1                

Boston Red Sox                         40/1                

Cincinnati Reds                         40/1                

San Francisco Giants                 40/1                

San Diego Padres                      45/1                

St. Louis Cardinals                     45/1                

Milwaukee Brewers                  50/1                

Miami Marlins                          60/1                

Cleveland Guardians                 66/1                

Detroit Tigers                            80/1                

Los Angeles Angels                    80/1                

Pittsburgh Pirates                     100/1              

Chicago White Sox                    125/1              

Washington Nationals               125/1              

Kansas City Royals                     200/1              

Colorado Rockies                      250/1              

Oakland Athletics                      250/1              


2024 NL Pennant                                             

Los Angeles Dodgers                 2/1                  

Atlanta Braves                          15/4                 (+375)

Philadelphia Phillies                  6/1                  

Arizona Diamondbacks              14/1                

Chicago Cubs                            14/1                

New York Mets                         14/1                

San Diego Padres                      18/1                

Cincinnati Reds                         20/1                

San Francisco Giants                 20/1                

St Louis Cardinals                      22/1                

Milwaukee Brewers                  25/1                

Miami Marlins                          33/1                

Pittsburgh Pirates                     40/1                

Washington Nationals               40/1                

Colorado Rockies                      125/1              


2024 AL Pennant                                             

New York Yankees                     15/4                 (+375)

Houston Astros                         5/1                  

Texas Rangers                           5/1                  

Toronto Blue Jays                      7/1                  

Baltimore Orioles                      15/2                

Tampa Bay Rays                        10/1                

Seattle Mariners                       11/1                

Minnesota Twins                       16/1                

Boston Red Sox                         18/1                

Cleveland Guardians                 28/1                

Detroit Tigers                            33/1                

Los Angeles Angels                    40/1                

Chicago White Sox                    50/1                

Kansas City Royals                     75/1                

Oakland Athletics                      125/1 

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