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Today is a special day for LCB. With a decade long history of success in the world of online gaming, LCB celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Although we have greatly evolved over the years and went through a lot of changes, we have always held firm to our commitment of supporting the gaming community. In that sense, we are glad to say our efforts paid off tremendously and there's a lot we managed to accomplish. 

A decade ago, LCB was still in its infancy, only an idea in the mind of its founder and CEO, Joshua Chan. Born out of passion for gaming and a desire to form a strong community where fans and players can gather together, share their experiences and help each other out, the portal quickly expanded, taking off with great speed into the bright future ahead. From a single talented and ambitious person with a vision, LCB is today stronger than ever with over 40 dedicated individuals in our team, and more than 80,000 members supporting us every day of our amazing journey. 
Every hear has seen the portal advance and had its fair share of success. We made it our mission to offer the most comprehensive gambling information to players, with over 50,000 pages of valuable data including 1,000 in-depth online casino reviews, 3,000 free games, 300 official casino representatives and many, many more outstanding achievements. These are the reasons we have up to 2 million visitors a month, breaking a record of 21,727 guests in a single day! What we are especially proud of is the fact that we've managed, acting as a mediator between online casinos and their customers, to help resolve thousands of player complaints that resulted in over $2 million returned to our members over the course of 10 years. As one of the first casino affiliates and gambling portals to introduce a unique rewards system for our registered members in an effort to show appreciation for their loyalty and support, we were able to award over $144,000 through the LCB Shop. 

We are confident that in the coming years, we will continue to push the boundaries and represent the players and the community as they deserve. This anniversary is an important milestone for all team members, many of whom have been with LCB from the beginning.

"Hard to believe I started LCB 10 years ago, it has certainly changed my life and I have made many life long friends and had many great adventures, I think it was the most pivotal moment in my life !” Josh Chan – Founder of LCB

The co-CEO, Nikola Zugic Zuga is among the veterans and a second person to join forces with Josh to make LCB what it is today: 

''I was the first guy that LCB Admin ( Josh ) hired to be the forum moderator and a blogger. And I slowly worked my way up to become 2nd man in the company and a business partner. Back then it was just him, a programmer and Me. And now we have over 40 people worldwide!

I am grateful for the opportunity given by Josh and I know he is grateful to have me. And We are grateful to have such an awesome team that helped us build this little empire of ours.  10 years is a long time ( 9 and a half for me ), and I feel honored to be part of this great team of highly capable and dedicated individuals that brought the site from its humble beginnings to where it is now.
I thank you all and I thank all our loyal members from the bottom of my heart.''
These 10 years have truly been a time of growth and development for LCB in which we helped thousands of players and operators alike. We wanted to take this opportunity and reflect on what has been both a gratifying experience for us, a time of transformation for our portal and hopefully a wonderful and fruitful period for our members. While there is no question that more changes and shifts await in the future, LCB Team remains united be our core values and a vision to create great experiences for every type of player.

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