Cameron Smith Stuns at Open While McIlroy Falls Flat Again Saving Sportsbooks

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Mary Montgomery
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Cameron Smith has won this year's Open Championship at 25-1 odds to do so.

Rory McIlroy had sat atop the leaderboard Saturday and throughout the early part of Sunday.  He was the favorite to win and thus attracted a lot of bets.

McIlroy continues to fall flat, enduring an eight year drought when it comes to winning championships, despite ranking within the top 15 each of those years.

"I got beaten by the better player this week. To go out and shoot 64 to win the Open Championship at St. Andrews is a hell of a showing. Hats off to Cam,” McIlroy said.

For the Australian Smith, he was four shots behind McIlroy at the start of the final day. 

“To win an Open Championship in itself is probably going to be a golfer’s highlight in their career,” Smith said. “To do it around St. Andrews I think is just unbelievable.”

In the 29 previous times golf’s oldest championship was held at St. Andrews, no winner had ever closed with a 64.

- Mary Montgomery, Gambling911.com


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