Can I Bet on Hunter Biden's Laptop?

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Gilbert Horowitz
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Hunter Biden's laptop was trending on Twitter Thursday and Friday after NBC News released an analysis of a copy of the hard drive, iCloud account and documents released by Republicans on two Senate committees.  Hunter is the son of current US President Joe Biden.

Until now, the Hunter Biden laptop story has mostly been relegated to the fringe outskirts of the interwebs along side those alleged "Russian pee tapes" supposedly featuring former US President Donald Trump.

Depending on which type of media you consume, the latest revelations show that Biden's son was not the best dealmaker (NBC), an incredible dealmaker who raked in $11M from overseas biz deals (the New York Post), or an outright pervert (The Citizens Journal).

At the very least, where many of the media outlets tend to agree is on Hunter potentially being compromised by simply allowing his now infamous laptop to be accessed by various individuals.

Case in point, forensic analysts found that people other than Biden had repeatedly accessed and copied data for nearly three years. Others had apparently written questionable files to the laptop. Even mere mortals like us would probably think twice about having laptops with all their personal information contained on it, let alone neglect to pick it up. 

Gambling websites have mostly stayed clear of offering Hunter Biden laptop props.

Nevertheless, there is an ongoing investigation by David Weiss, the US attorney for Delaware, into Hunter Biden’s foreign dealings.

Books have offered odds on a Trump indictment, on and off, and to a lesser degree, a Joe Biden indictment.

As the Midterm Elections near, or if the Hunter Biden laptop story gains more significant traction in the mainstream media, look for betting options to be offered.

- Gilbert Horowitz,

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