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President Biden's odds of being the Democratic presidential nominee have fallen sharply during the past week, and his re-election odds have worsened as well.


Biden was a -900 favorite to be the Dem nominee in 2024, but those odds have dropped to -275, currently.

And according to Presidential Election markets offered by, Biden is a +235 underdog behind the favorite, Donald Trump Sr., who has -110 odds. Biden and Trump both had around +130 odds last summer so the gap has widened significantly.

Of course, much has been made of Biden's age and mental aptitude recently, which has directly impacted the oddsmakers' projections. The website even went so far as to offer a prop bet for what Biden would score on a dementia test.

The option for "moderate dementia" is the favorite. However, "severe dementia" is a longshot, but "no dementia" has even longer odds.

Joe Biden Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) Score

13-19 (Moderate Dementia)      +150

20-24 (Mild Dementia)              +165

12 or less (Severe Dementia)     +450

25-30 (No Impairment)              +500

BetOnline even released the results of a X (Twitter) study that showed which states were the most concerned with Biden's age.

The data was derived by tracking geotagged tweets, hashtags and direct keyword phrases about President Biden during the last 90 days. For example, it tracked phrases such as, "Joe Biden is too old," "Biden is too old to run," "Joe Biden's age," etc.


Election Odds

2024 Presidential Election                    

Donald Trump Sr.          -110

Joe Biden                      +235

Michelle Obama            +700

Gavin Newsom              +1000

Kamala Harris               +2200

Nikki Haley                   +2200

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.    +2700


2024 Democratic Nominee                  

Joe Biden                      -250

Michelle Obama            +375

Gavin Newsom              +650

Kamala Harris               +900


2024 Republican Nominee                   

Donald Trump Sr.          -5000

Nikki Haley                   +1200

Ron DeSantis                +12500

Tucker Carlson              +12500

Donald Trump Jr.          +30000

Ivanka Trump                +30000


Joe Biden Approval Rating on March 1, 2024                

38.00-38.99%               +225

Under 37%                   +225

37.00-37.99%               +250

39.00-39.99%               +450

40.00-40.99%               +1200

41.00-41.99%               +3000

42% or Higher               +8000

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