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Is it Legal to Bet on the DraftKings Sportsbook App in Washington State?

Is it Legal to Bet on the DraftKings Sportsbook App in Washington State?

While one cannot bet using the DraftKings app within Washington State, individuals can download the app at the two retail properties where they now operate.

Submitted by Don Shapiro on, Jan/31/2024

The Chris Moneymaker Tour Hits Palm Beach

Secure your seat for the $500,000 Main Event at Palm Beach Kennel Club on Feb 22nd.

Submitted by Ace King on, Jan/31/2024

The Economic Impact and Financial Future of Online Gambling Platforms in 2024

2024 should be the year AI continues to scare us, 5G technology scares us just a little bit less and regulatory forces make our lives a living Hell.

Submitted by Gilbert Horowitz on, Jan/31/2024

From Loot Boxes to Surprise Mechanics: Understanding the Element of Chance in Gaming

Loot Boxes in Gaming

Video games have taken the world by storm, engaging, challenging, and immersive, encouraging players worldwide to immerse themselves in different virtual environments.

Submitted by Payton on, Jan/31/2024

BetMGM Awarded Players Over $138 Million in Progressive Jackpots in 2023

“BetMGM loves creating memorable iGaming experiences for players and few things surpass the thrill of winning a jackpot,” said BetMGM’s Vice President of Gaming Angus Nisbet.

Submitted by Press Release on, Jan/30/2024

Hard Rock Bet Super Bowl Props: National Anthem, Taylor Swift

An advertisement for Hard Rock Bet in Florida

No more betting in your head, Florida.  The Seminoles entered into a compact with the state to exclusively offer sports betting, both at their casinos and via one's mobile device in their own living rooms, or even while on the run.

Submitted by Tyrone Black on, Jan/30/2024

Unleashing Excitement with Parimatch - A Thorough Review for Bangladesh Players

Parimatch in Bangladesh stands out as a renowned global betting platform, deeply rooted. As a company, it excels in offering a platform that is user-friendly and straightforward, making it an ideal choice for both seasoned and novice bettors. The website boasts an extensive range of betting options, covering a wide variety of sports events worldwide.

Submitted by Payton on, Jan/30/2024

Tips to access casino winnings quicker

pile of cash

The thrill of winning at a casino is a major draw for many players, and there's nothing quite like getting your hands on those winnings quickly. While it's normal for casinos to take some time to process these winnings, there are ways to speed up this process.

Submitted by Payton on, Jan/29/2024

Paysafecard Gambling: How to Maximize Your Wins and Minimize Risks

In the world of online gambling, finding a secure and efficient payment method is crucial for a seamless gaming experience. Paysafecard, a popular prepaid card option, offers gamblers an easy and secure way to deposit funds without divulging personal banking information.

Submitted by B.E.Delmer on, Jan/28/2024

Gambling Traffic Trends

Here you will find the most authoritative trend analysis from the world of gambling, including sports betting and poker, even from the world of bookmakers.  These are trending topics, dated. 

Submitted by Jagajeet Chiba on, Jan/27/2024

How to Find the Best Online Casino Bonuses for You

How to Find the Best Online Casino Bonuses for You


If you want to know how to find the best online casino bonuses that suit your style of play, you’ve come to the right place. 

Submitted by Payton on, Jan/25/2024

Australian Gaming Revolution: Navigating Australia's Latest Casino Attractions

Sydney, Australia Opera House and skyline

Australia's gaming sector is experiencing a remarkable transformation, characterized by the introduction of new, state-of-the-art casino attractions.

Submitted by B.E.Delmer on, Jan/25/2024

Your Trusted Guide to Online Gambling in the US in 2024

With the widespread popularity of online gambling in recent years, almost everyone is now involved. Many countries have legalized gambling online, including many states within the US.

Submitted by B.E.Delmer on, Jan/23/2024

The Ultimate Guide to Online Casinos for Arab Players in 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Online Casinos for Arab Players in 2024

Here we provide a guide to online casinos for Arab players in 2024. We’ll also examine what players should look out for in online games and the benefits of ensuring a safe gaming experience.

Submitted by B.E.Delmer on, Jan/23/2024

Navigating the World of Progressive Jackpots: Tips and Recommendations

Navigating the World of Progressive Jackpots: Tips and Recommendations

Ever heard of those cool jackpot games at online casinos?

Submitted by Payton on, Jan/22/2024

French Gambling Giant FDJ to Acquire Kindred for $2.67 Billion

Kindred is perhaps best known for its brand Unibet.

Submitted by Aaron Goldstein on, Jan/22/2024

Canadian Online Casino Mastery: Understanding Software Providers

Canadian flag waving in foreground of city

Embarking on a journey through the vibrant world of online casinos in Canada offers a unique opportunity to understand the intricate and fascinating realm of software providers. These technological innovators are the backbone of the online gaming industry, crafting immersive and engaging experiences for players across the country.

Submitted by B.E.Delmer on, Jan/20/2024

New Vegas Law Could Land You in Prison for Snapping Photos

6 month jail sentence or a $1000 fine possible.

Submitted by Nagesh Rath on, Jan/19/2024

The Art of Smart Gambling: A Guide to Making Informed Choices

Gambling transcends mere chance, it's an intricate blend of tactical thinking, discipline, and deep understanding. This guide aims to clarify the complexities of gambling, providing straightforward yet knowledgeable guidance.

Submitted by B.E.Delmer on, Jan/16/2024

How to Find Gambling Bonuses in 2024

Gamblers will find there are a lot of companies trying to gain new customers and get them to try their slot games or sportsbook markets, and there needs to be an incentive in order to stay competitive.

Submitted by B.E.Delmer on, Jan/15/2024

Can I Play Online Blackjack for Real Money From New York State?

New York state senator Joseph Addabbo introduced legislation on Thursday January 11, 2023 that would allow for regulated online casino gambling and internet gambling using apps.

Submitted by Gilbert Horowitz on, Jan/12/2024

Explore the Best Proven Fair RTG Casinos: Where Fairness Meets Fun

Man on laptop playing online roulette

In the exciting world of online gaming, the quest for a fair and enjoyable experience is paramount. This guide dives into the world of Real Time Gaming (RTG) casinos, renowned for their commitment to fairness and entertainment.

Submitted by B.E.Delmer on, Jan/12/2024

Billionaire Boss of Bet365 Made £742,000 a Day, Blasted by Pay Equity Think Tank

Bet365 founder Denise Coates in front of a vibrant background

“People deserve to be rewarded for innovation and success but there’s a question of what’s sensible and proportionate,” Luke Hildyard, executive director of the High Pay Centre, said.

Submitted by Aaron Goldstein on, Jan/10/2024

Best Online Roulette Strategy to Win More

roulette wheel

Roulette players must have a plan that will help them raise their odds of winning, lower their possibilities of losing, and maximize their fun and satisfaction.

Submitted by B.E.Delmer on, Jan/10/2024

Man Stabbed With Steak Knife Inside Vegas Casino Over Slot Machine Mixup

Senior citizen taken into custody.

Submitted by Nagesh Rath on, Jan/09/2024

Evolution Gaming Redefines the Live Casino Experience with Latest Launches

Evolution Gaming, the leading innovator in the live casino industry, is continuously pushing the boundaries of what's possible in online gaming. With a focus on interactive features, immersive graphics, and engaging game mechanics, Evolution is setting new standards for the industry.

Submitted by B.E.Delmer on, Jan/08/2024

The Uniqueness of the Swedish Casino License

Sweden, known for its progressive policies, stands out with a distinctive approach to casino licensing that sets it apart from many other markets.

Submitted by B.E.Delmer on, Jan/08/2024

Ex Convicts to Begin Working in Illinois Casinos

“Here in the Land of Lincoln, we believe that people deserve second chances — and that includes the formerly incarcerated and those who have been convicted of a felony,” Pritzker said in a news release.

Submitted by Jagajeet Chiba on, Jan/03/2024

Suspect in Murder of Nicole Zambrano Found Staying at Vegas Casino

Husband of slain woman arrested at Mardi Gras Casino was once himself the target of a previous murder-for-hire plot, put together by his first wife in 2019.

Submitted by Nagesh Rath on, Jan/03/2024

SkyCity Casino Brings Bingo into Its Safer Gambling Ecosystem

SkyCity Casino is betting on a new range of bingo games. With bingo caught up in digitization of gambling since the early noughties, the game has enjoyed a resurgence.

Submitted by B.E.Delmer on, Jan/03/2024

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Sports Betting Film 'Now Place Your Bets' Looks for a Sequel

In an exclusive interview with Gambling 911, Tobler, who is also a longtime sports handicapper and radio/TV host, said the sequel will cover the history of sports betting from the year 2000, where the first film left off, through the present day.