Betting Odds of Audio of Trump Using "N" Word Being Released

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Jagajeet Chiba
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Betting sites, BetOnline included, were widely expected to begin offering odds on whether an audio gets released of former U.S. President and presumptive Republican nominee for president in 2024, Donald Trump, using the "N" word.  BetOnline offers an extensive menu of all things Trump prop bets.


The bombshell revelations come as a result of an non-disclosure agreement (NDA) expiring Thursday.

In a lengthy essay for Slate, former "Apprentice" producer Bill Pruitt makes several explosive revelations about what went on behind the briefcases and boardroom tables.

Per Mediate, Pruitt details one discussion about who should win the season as it came down to the two final contestants. One was Bill Rancic — who eventually won and earned a job at the Trump Organization. The other was Kwame Jackson, a Black man. During that discussion, Pruit claims Trump said, “but, I mean, would America buy a n— winning?”

"We lay out the virtues and deficiencies of each finalist to Trump in a fair and balanced way, but sensing the moment at hand, (Carolyn) Kepcher sort of comes out of herself. She expresses how she observed Jackson at the casino overcoming more obstacles than Rancic, particularly with the way he managed the troublesome Omarosa. Jackson, Kepcher maintains, handled the calamity with grace."

And here is how Pruitt claims the conversation went down, noting that footage does exist and is calling on "Apprentice" producer Mark Burnett to release it.


“I think Kwame would be a great addition to the organization,” Kepcher says to Trump, who winces while his head bobs around in reaction to what he is hearing and clearly resisting.

“Why didn’t he just fire her?” Trump asks, referring to Omarosa. It’s a reasonable question. Given that this the first time we’ve ever been in this situation, none of this is something we expected.

“That’s not his job,” Bienstock says to Trump. “That’s yours.” Trump’s head continues to bob.

“I don’t think he knew he had the ability to do that,” Kepcher says. Trump winces again.

“Yeah,” he says to no one in particular, “but, I mean, would America buy a n— winning?”

Kepcher’s pale skin goes bright red. I turn my gaze toward Trump. He continues to wince. He is serious, and he is adamant about not hiring Jackson.

Trump is currently awaiting a verdict in his Manhattan hush money trial.


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