Betting Odds Have Trump Winning Thursday Debate vs. Biden

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C Costigan
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BetOnline has odds on who will win Thursday's debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. 


BetOnline has Trump winning at -150 according to CNN polling after the debate.  Biden pays $11 for every $10 bet.

Margaret Sullivan, writing for the Guardian, writes:

"The format is good for Biden. First off, there is no studio audience to create a disruption or cheer Trump’s wild utterances; thus, the debate will not turn into one of those fake “town halls” packed with rightwing cult members posed as undecided voters. (Is there really an undecided voter left in the nation? If so, why?)"

Mics will also be shut off.

She adds:  "Many viewers are probably expecting him to be infirm and inarticulate. As one right-leaning acquaintance of mine put it: “If the choice is between the orange guy and a corpse, I’ll go with the orange guy.”

"The choice, of course, is not that at all. It’s between a traditional, pro-democracy president with a strong record of accomplishment versus a twice-impeached would-be autocrat with 34 felony convictions – and his own alarming set of gaffes, memory lapses and campaign-trail ravings about sharks. Only one of these candidates fomented an insurrection, or appointed three Supreme Court justices who seem hellbent on denying women’s bodily autonomy.

"Biden may make some missteps in the debate, but he’ll be well prepared and focused on appearing vigorous, as he was in his high-energy State of the Union address in March. He won’t become a compelling TV star or a great public speaker between now and Thursday, but he doesn’t need that.

"Thanks to the incessant media messaging, the bar for Biden is nowhere near that high."

Liz Peek, in an opinion piece for Fox News, writes that the bar has been set especially low for Biden.

"If incumbent President Joe Biden can remain standing and be even vaguely coherent for 90 minutes, he will be declared victorious. That is how low a bar Americans have set for the leader of the free world; that is how concerned voters are that our commander-in-chief is not mentally fit for four more years.


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