Brand New Trump, Biden Bitcoin Betting Odds Unveiled By BetOnline

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On Wednesday, Donald Trump stated that he wants all remaining Bitcoin to be mined in the United States.


Weaponizing cryptocurrency is a fresh tactic Trump has used recently against President Joe Biden, signaling the former president's increasing embrace of the digital sector after years of skepticism.

Our shop put up odds for what Bitcoin's price will be at the end of 2024 if Trump is elected or if Biden is reelected. The oddsmakers have made the gap between the two pretty wide.

Bitcoin (BTC) price on 12/31/24 with Trump president

Over/Under 75,000

Bitcoin (BTC) price on 12/31/24 with Biden president

Over/Under 65,000

Additionally, after offering odds on a Biden drug test before the debate, we had a lot of media reach out and request odds for a Trump drug test as well.

Initially, we thought the odds wouldn't be too intriguing, but more requests came in so we went ahead and created the market. Here's a quote from representative Dave Mason:

“We’ve received some requests to offer drug test odds for Donald Trump, but we figured the content would be too vanilla considering the testee. Alcohol and other exotic drugs would be longshots to show up in any kind of Trump bloodwork, while antibiotics that treat STDs and erectile dysfunction meds would be very heavy favorites, for obvious reasons (wink, wink)."

Trump drug test odds are subject to change and will be updated in real-time on this page:

Which drug(s) will Trump test positive for?                  

Viagra/Cialis                 2/1

Antibiotic                      3/1

Steroids                        5/1

Adderall                       6/1

Ozempic                       8/1

PCP/Angel Dust             10/1

Rogaine                                    10/1

Cocaine                        20/1

Methamphetamine       25/1

Alcohol                         50/1

Fentanyl                       66/1

Quaaludes                    66/1

Tobacco/Nicotine          66/1

Heroin                          100/1

Ketamine                      100/1

Marijuana/Cannabis      100/1

Roofie/GHB                  100/1


Which drug(s) will Biden test positive for?                   

Adderall                       2/1

Methamphetamine       3/1

Cocaine                        4/1

Steroids                        5/1

PCP/Angel Dust             6/1

Alcohol                         8/1

Ketamine                      10/1

Tobacco/Nicotine          12/1

Viagra/Cialis                 15/1

Quaaludes                    20/1

Marijuana/Cannabis      25/1

Psilocybin/Mushrooms  33/1

MDMA/Ecstasy             50/1

Benzodiazepine            66/1

LSD/Acid                       100/1

Salvia                           100/1

DMT                             150/1

Nitrous Oxide               150/1

Lidocaine                      200/1

Heroin                          250/1

Fentanyl                       500/1


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