Can I Bet the Over, Under Time Trump-Biden Debate Goes for?

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t c jackson
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In addition to betting on the total number of minutes Over/Under the much anticipated Thursday night presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden goes for, you can also wager on the Over/Under number of debate subjects. 


The time frame of the debate is listed at 90 minutes with the Over coming in priced at -120. It is slated to go 90 minutes.  Cutting the debate short seems less likely.

The number of topics is listed at 10.5 at BetUS.  The Over is priced at -155.

Thursday's format will include microphones being shut off when another candidate is speaking, however, a split screen likely to be shown where we will be able to observe facial expressions.  It should be noted that more and more people opt to listen to cable news programs on their mobile devices on Sirius and elsewhere, perhaps make any split screen less impactful.

Mr. Biden's team won a coin toss, CNN reported, which allowed them to determine either who gets to make the closing argument or where the candidates stand on the stage. The president's team chose his position on the stage, selecting the lectern on the right. That decision tees up Trump to cap the night with closing arguments.

A full listing of betting props for Thursday's debate can be found at BetUS here.


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