First Topic of Trump-Biden Debate Betting Odds

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t c jackson
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BetOnline on Monday released a series of prop bets for Thursday night's much anticipated presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.


Among the prop bets being offered, the first topic to be discussed.

First topic of debate                 

Economy                      +150

Foreign Policy               +275

Healthcare                    +300

Immigration                  +350

AI                                 +600

Climate Change             +1200

Hunter Biden                +1600

Cryptocurrency             +2500

Trump provided a bit of a preview of the attacks he may be launching in regard to the economy.

Appearing before the evangelical advocacy group Faith and Freedom Coalition, Trump said: “I sort of have this little thing. I shouldn’t show it. Maybe I should save it for the debate,” Trump said moments before taking out a miniature box of Tic Tac candies and holding a regular sized box next to it.

“Inflation, this is what it does to you. This is Tic Tacs now,” Trump proceeded, gesturing to the miniature box as the crowd roared with laughter. “That’s what inflation has done. I’m glad everybody in this room has good eyes. But I will end the Biden inflation nightmare.”

Economy pays $150 for every $100 bet but foreign policy is sure to be at the top of most folks minds as well following the uptick in attacks in the Russia-Ukraine conflict over the weekend as well as the ongoing war in Gaza.  Both foreign policy and immigration pay around $300 for every $100 bet.


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