Iran Unrest a Favorite But Other Arab Nations Highly Competitive

Written by:
Gilbert Horowitz
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Iran Unrest

Iran has been praising Egyptian protestors while cracking down on their own in recent days.  It remains to be seen whether Iran will be the next country to see a major upheaval in its government.

National unrest odds were posted recently at, North America’s oldest established online gambling website.

Yemen, Jordan, Turkey, Algeria, Iran, Israel and Palestine were among the favorites to succumb to unrest.

Much of the news coming out of Iran related to protestor crackdown has come from the Twitter universe since reporters are essentially banned from the country (or at least banned from reporting on the potential crisis). 

Protesters where confronted by security forces w/ tear gas, batons, rubber bullets, as well as live ammunition. 1 protester killed.

On Monday, thousands of Iranians gathered in Tehran to demonstrate in solidarity with Egyptian and Tunisian protesters, who recently toppled their own regimes. Videos from Tehran reveal that protesters have remained in the streets past nightfall.  A BBC reporter described central Tehran as "total chaos".



22785 YEMEN +180

22786 JORDAN +200

22787 TURKEY +300

22788 ALGERIA +300

22789 IRAN +300

22790 LIBYA +500

22791 ERITREA +700

22792 DJIBOUTI +700

22793 MOROCCO +600

22794 PAKISTAN +1000

22795 OMAN +1200

22796 QATAR +1200

22797 BAHARAIN +1200

22798 KUWAIT +2000

22799 UAE +3000

22800 SYRIA +4000

22801 TAJIKISTAN +4000

22802 TURKMENISTAN +4000

22803 UZBEKISTAN +4000

22804 IRAQ +7000

22805 AFGHANISTAN +5000

22806 SAUDI ARABIA +6000

22807 ISRAEL +350

22808 PALESTINE +180

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