Offshore Political Betting Site Polymarket Gets a Huge Investor Backing With Peter Thiel

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Gilbert Horowitz
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One of the world's richest men and most successful investors, Peter Thiel, has announced he has raised approximately $70 million in funding for Polymarket, one of the major cryptocurrency startups offering “event contracts” for users to bet on things like political elections.  Cryptogambling sites have exploded in popularity in recent years, however, none of the U.S. state-regulated sites like FanDuel and DraftKings offer bitcoin or similar funding options.


Polymarket operates offshore though the company does not make it clear which online gambling jurisdiction licenses the platform.  Similar sites like BetOnline also operate offshore but are licensed in Panama and Antigua and endorsed by

Betting on elections is not yet regulated in the U.S. under federal or state law, but many companies have lobbied the Commodity Futures Trading Commission in recent years to ease these restrictions.  Online gambling is currently legalized at the state level, mostly sports betting and horse racing with a handful of states allowing internet casinos and poker.

In January 2022, the platform was fined US$1.4 million by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, alongside receiving a cease and desist order, following regulation violations including not registering as a Swap Execution Facility.[

In May 2022, Polymarket appointed J. Christopher Giancarlo, a former Commissioner of the CFTC, as chairman of its advisory board.


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Gamblers have already staked over $125 million though BetOnline and PredictIt have garnered much of the press leading up to the 2024 general election in the U.S.  BetOnline was headlined at the top of the Drudge Report with its betting over or under on former president Donald Trump's weight when he was booked into the Fulton County Jail.  BetOnline also had one of its biggest days ever taking bets on this year's Joe Biden State of the Union address. 

Founders Fund, the venture capital firm founded by Thiel that also invested in SpaceX and Facebook, was the lead investor, Polymarket founder Shayne Coplan told CoinDesk.

Forbes attempted to reach out for comment but Polymarket has yet to respond.

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