You Can Seriously Bet on Which Drug Biden Tests Positive for Ahead of Debate vs. Trump

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Jagajeet Chiba
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Everybody is marking their calendars for June 27th.  That's when the two presumptive nominees for their respective political party, current U.S. president Joe Biden and former U.S. president Donald Trump, take to the stage to debate in a predetermined format on CNN. Whether this debate happens on that date or not, there are odds for that

What we can safely bet is that there will be wrenches thrown into the mix.  Since Biden challenged Trump to the debate - and Trump accepted - the former president threw out a new demand.  Biden must take a drug test.  Assuming it happens - it probably won't - BetOnline won't be sitting this one out on the sidelines.  One of the world's largest and oldest established online gambling sites (since 1999) has released betting odds on which drug Biden will test positive for ahead of the highly anticipated presidential debate.

Apparently there are no stipulations that Trump must submit to a drug test too?


Which Drug Will Biden Test Positive For?               

Adderall                       2/1

Methamphetamine       3/1

Cocaine                        4/1

Steroids                        5/1

PCP/Angel Dust             6/1

Alcohol                         8/1

Ketamine                      10/1

Tobacco/Nicotine          12/1

Viagra/Cialis                 15/1

Quaaludes                    20/1

Marijuana/Cannabis      25/1

Psilocybin/Mushrooms  33/1

MDMA/Ecstasy             50/1

Benzodiazepine            66/1

LSD/Acid                       100/1

Salvia                           100/1

DMT                             150/1

Nitrous Oxide               150/1

Lidocaine                      200/1

Heroin                        250/1

Fentanyl                       500/1

How a Biden Drug Test Prop Bet Came Into Existence

In a past radio interview, Trump remarked that Biden seemed "all jacked up" at the outset of his State of the Union speech, even suggesting he was "higher than a kite.", which infamously set odds on who the White House cocaine belonged to, has created a wagering market for which drug Biden will test positive for.

RNC co-chair and former president Donald Trump's daughter-in-law, Lara Trump is bizarrely demanding the drug test, although some of that noise has subsided in the wake of suggestions made by Trump that Biden wanted to assassinate him.  He did not.


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