Erin Andrews Death Threats: What Does It Mean for DWTS?

ESPN reporter Erin Andrews was among the favorites to win this year's Dancing With The Stars, having odds of +500 (with a payout potential of $50 fo

Submitted by Jordan Bach on, Apr/03/2010

Tiffany Michelle Makes Maxim Hottest Women of Poker List

Team UB pro Tiffany Michelle has been declared one of the hottest women in poker by a major men's lifestyle magazine.

Submitted by Guest on, Mar/11/2010

Maxim Names Top 20 Poker Babes

As I assemble my own list of Poker's Sexiest for 2010, it seems Maxim has named its Top 20 Poker Babes.  Let's get right to the chase.  Here is the list:

Cameron Diaz

Submitted by Jenny Woo on, Mar/10/2010

Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant Odds

This Wednesday marks an epic day in radio listening and online wagering.

Submitted by Carrie Stroup on, Mar/08/2010

Poker’s Sexiest Shana Hiatt: Durrrr a Dud, Antonius Mud

Okay folks so I would have thought the feedback for Tom Durrrr Dwan and Patrik Antonius as "Sexiest in Poker for 2010" would be much greater by now and both these fine looking men stand a

Submitted by Jenny Woo on, Feb/24/2010

Tatjana Pasalic, Patrik Antonius, Tom Dwan Sexy Poker Players

Thus far I have presented readers of with three of 2010's Sexiest Poker Player nominees.  They are Phil Hellmuth,

Submitted by Jenny Woo on, Feb/18/2010

PokerStars Player Jayde Nicole Not a Hooker has reported that 2008 Playmate of the Year and PokerStars poker player Jayde Nicole is being t

Submitted by Patrick Flanigan on, Feb/16/2010

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush: Valentine’s Day in Vegas

His team just won the Super Bowl and she was one of the most wagered on props of the game

Submitted by Jordan Bach on, Feb/14/2010

Tatjana Pasalic Sexiest Poker Player 2010

Submitted by Jenny Woo on, Feb/10/2010

Kim Kardashian Breast Bet For Super Bowl 2010

The winner of the best Super Bowl 2010 bet goes to.....  And it's actually the Kim Kardashian Breast Bet for Super Bowl 2010.

Submitted by Jordan Bach on, Feb/06/2010

Lacey Jones New Face of Canadian Poker Tour

Sexy poker babe Lacey Jones is slated to become the new face of the Canadian Poker Tour according t

Submitted by Ace King on, Feb/02/2010

Erica Schoenberg: Poker’s Sexiest for 2010

Jenny Woo here for and I heard y'all loud and clear.  Really appreciate the feedback with my first Sexiest P

Submitted by Jenny Woo on, Feb/01/2010

Layla Kiffin: Our Coach’s Wife Is Hotter Than Yours No More

Lane Kiffin isn't the only one losing fans after his abrupt departure from the University of Tennessee.  Seems his wife is too. reports that Layla Kiffin's Facebook fan page has fallen least for the time being.  We say "for the time being" since Kiffin is now being embraced by fans of Southern California (USC) where he'll be the new head coach.

Submitted by Don Shapiro on, Jan/14/2010

Poker Pro Joe Cada Link to Playmate Shot Down

Winning the World Series of Poker sure seems to have its benefits.

Submitted by Guest on, Jan/13/2010

The Best of 2009: Most Popular Poker, Online Gambling Stories

You may see a few of these "Best of 2009 Poker and Online Gambling Stories" elsewhere, but has the real heavy hitters, those stories that scored huge traffic wins.  Yes,

Submitted by C Costigan on, Dec/28/2009

Miss World 2009 Represents Online Gambling Centre

Gibraltar, one of the leading centres for some of the largest online gambling businesses in the world, took center stage at Saturday's Miss World 2009 competition as the country's Kaiane Aldorino w

Submitted by Jordan Bach on, Dec/14/2009

What Time Does Miss World 2009 Start?

With the Miss World 2009 beauty pageant airing live from South Africa, many people throughout the rest of the world are asking What time does the Miss World 2009 competition start?

Submitted by Jordan Bach on, Dec/11/2009

Miss Mexico Miss World Odds 2009 Favorable

It's a tossup between Miss Puerto Rico and Miss Mexico it seems.  But according to the Manila Bulletin, observers said that the two candidates continue to switch ranks either No. 1 or No.

Submitted by Jordan Bach on, Dec/10/2009

Latest Miss World 2009 Odds Still Has Puerto Rico Favored

Miss World 2009 odds have a Tiger Woods-like favorite.  We use this comparison since Woods is always a few points ahead of his nearest competitor in the odds for all tournaments in which he plays.  In the case of the Miss World beauty pageant (held this December 12), there is typically a handful of girls vying for the favorite spot.  This year we have one dominating and that would be Miss Puerto Rico, Jennifer Colon.

Submitted by Jordan Bach on, Dec/09/2009

Miss World 2009 Odds

Miss World 2009 odds have been released by, an online gambling site based outside of Montreal, Quebec Canada that takes bets from all over the world.  And make no mistake abo

Submitted by Jordan Bach on, Dec/07/2009

Jenny Woo: Tiger Woods Magic Number 15

Is it me or do Tiger Woods alleged mistresses get a little harder on the eye as the number goes up?  I've lost count but believe we are up to number 10 (or should be by Tuesday).

Submitted by Jenny Woo on, Dec/07/2009

2008 Miss Universe Winner Miss Japan Not in Sex Tape

The other woman said to have appeared in a "stolen" sex tape of Miss Trinidad and Tobago, Anya Ayoung-Chee, is not believed to be 2008 Miss Universe winner, Miss Japan

Submitted by Jordan Bach on, Nov/18/2009

Miss World 2009 Odds Offered by

Online wagering website has announced published

Submitted by Jordan Bach on, Nov/16/2009

Jenny Woo Reconnects With Her High School Beau

As many of my readers know, I had to head up to my home town of Pensacola, Florida to help with some family affairs. 

Pensacola is a small town.  There is not much to do.  It's so boring there that even though I volunteer my time at animal shelters, the only thing to do there is tip cows over at night, and I would partake (a long long time ago)....and no cow was hurt, OKAY!  The only one hurting was me because another fun thing to do in Pensacola was get strung out on mushrooms. 

Submitted by Jenny Woo on, Nov/15/2009

Trishelle Cannatella Joins Absolute Poker

Payers at the Absolute Poker tables are about to be hit with a large dose of reality the next time they sit down at the tables.

Submitted by Guest on, Nov/10/2009

Poker Babe Christina Lindley Featured in Boston Herald

The headline reads:  "Christina Lindley is the Model Most Likely to Make a Straight Flush".

The poker playing diva is featured in the pages of the Boston Herald on Friday.

Submitted by Ace King on, Nov/05/2009

Woo: Man Boobs Get Me Hot and Bothered Senior International Correspondent Jenny Woo wasn't too thrilled to read Thomas Somach's latest piece about record World Series of Poker bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth. 

Submitted by Guest on, Oct/25/2009

Phil Hellmuth Poker Brat Naked in ESPN The Magazine

Just call him the Naked Poker Brat.

Phil "Poker Brat" Hellmuth Jr. naked?

It's the poker world's worst nightmare, and it's come true.

Submitted by C Costigan on, Oct/23/2009

Bodog Becky Wants Tranny Treat in Miami Beach

Bodog Becky arrives in Miami Beach next month in hopes of meeting up with her "partner in crime",'s own Jenny Woo.  But Woo has had to deal with pressing matters in her h

Submitted by Guest on, Oct/07/2009

BetUS Girl Dawn Olivieri Now a Rising TV Star

The biggest thing happening this past Monday night was no doubt Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings taking on Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers on Monday Night Football, but if those fan bo

Submitted by Guest on, Oct/06/2009

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